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P68 controller to program due to the multidirectional dial. The controller has 4 programs and can be installed in the valve boxes and in location where there is no electric supply. On top of traditional features, W-Dial bridges tradition to future. In fact, it is possible to upgrade the functionality of the irrigation installation thanks to the fact that it is FLIWER COMPATIBLE, both sensor and platform through the link. It means that it is possible to connect W-Dial to a Fliwer Sensor or to a Link in order to manage remotely the irrigation and save water (at least 50%) through the Fliwer technology.
  • Body in ABS
  • Double OR seal
  • Fully waterproof IP68
  • Sensor connection
  • Compatible with mechanical sensor
  • Sensor active indicator
  • Waterproof valve connection
  • Operating 9 VDC latching solenoids only
  • Solenoid wire length up to 30 m
  • FLIWER compatible
  • 1, 2, 4 and 6 Zones
  • Battery powered
  • 4 independent programs
  • 3 independent start times per each program
  • 12 daily start-times
  • Indipendent irrigation duration
  • Weekly calendar
  • Run time min/max: 1/240 minutes
  • Freeze-program function
  • Low-battery function
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