S-Dila touch box

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S-Dial (Smart Dial) is a unique controller that bridges tradition to future. Thanks to a graphic display is possible to see all the programs and the setting of the controller in a clear and user-friendly way. The controller has 4 programs and can be installed indoor or

outdoor. Using S-Dial it’s possible to upgrade the functionality of the irrigation installation thanks to the fact that it is FLIWER COMPATIBLE. It means that it is possible to connect S-Dial to a Fliwer Sensor or to a Link in order to manage remotely the irrigation and save water (at least 50%) through the Fliwer technology.

TIMER MODE - following the traditional way to program irrigation controllers

FLIWER MODE - being totally managed by the artifi cial intelligence of Fliwer system

  • Advanced graphic display touchscreen
  • Available in 6, 9, 12, 16 zones versions
  • Waterproof connection to 220V power
  • Backup battery
  • Pump start
  • Hard and transparent plastic cover
  • Radio connection to Fliwer system
  • Rain Sensor connection
  • Number of programs: 4
  • Start times per program: 2
  • Watering duration: 1 to 240 minutes
  • Weekly calendar or frequency by interval
  • Sophisticated manual start
  • Irrigation time remaining indication
  • Summary screen of the programs
Code Description
200.5800600 S-Dial 36 24 VOLT 6 zone outdoor
200.5800900 S-Dial 36 24 VOLT 9 zone outdoor
200.5801200 S-Dial 36 24 VOLT 12 zone outdoor
200.5801600 S-Dial 36 24 VOLT 16 zone outdoor
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